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Our jewelers and watchmakers use the latest in computer and laser technology to provide the finest in service and repairs, and offer a guarantee on all work performed.



Watches can be fine pieces of jewelry but they are also tools we rely upon to provide accurate time day in and day out. Watch movements have moving parts and should be cleaned and lubricated at least once every two to five years. Like an automobile, if serviced regularly a fine watch should provide accurate time for many years, but if neglected may at some point require an expensive overhaul.


Diamond prong tips wear over time like the soles of our shoes and tires on an automobile. They can also loosen from banging and knocking against kitchen counters and reaching into drawers. We recommend that you have your jewelry checked at least every three to five years to ensure that the prongs are secure and that there is still sufficient metal on the prongs to hold your diamonds and gemstones securely.


We highly recommend that you have your insurance appraisals updated every two to three years to ensure that you are adequately covered by insurance in the event of a loss or damage.